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Overall Rank: 11624

Average Rating: 2.3/4

# of Ratings: 61

Theatrical Release Date: 01/25/2008

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: 05/13/2008

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Gregory Hoblit

Actors: Diane Lane, Colin Hanks, Billy Burke, Joseph Cross, Peter Lewis, Erin Carufel

Plot: A serial killer likes to display his captured victims on the internet, and the more hits his site receives, the faster the victim dies; a female investigator is hot on his trail. -- goodfellamike

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Snoogans - wrote on 10/11/2011

'Silence of the Lambs' style thriller, with a cyber edge. It's mostly standard stuff. The methods of death are intriguing, but the killer is not.

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Ghost Seed - wrote on 02/03/2009

Incredibly weak & at times even laughable. "The more hits his site gets the faster the victim dies" that actually says it all. That, along with the film being set up for Diane Lane to be the hero by making every other character an idiot - Please!

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 12/21/2008

Interesting but misguided attempt at a cyberthriller. I understand the intentions, but making this kind of movie defeats the purpose of whatever message was trying to be sent.

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DarkCritic - wrote on 01/05/2010

The idea for Untraceable was good, but there was plot holes and bad character interaction all over to the place.

The story for Untraceable was original, but stupid at the same time. The idea of "the more hits the website gets, the faster the victim dies" was good, but the way that the movie presented the idea was stupid. Plus there were so many plot holes that the movie fell to pieces. After watching the movie for a while, the idea became very old very quickly. The deaths were creative, but reminded me of the Saw movies in a sense. There was an attempt at a plot, but the movie really revolved around killing.

The characters didn't really help the story either. Actually, the characters brought down the story. They weren't very dynamic, and most of their reactions were very bland. …

movie man69
movie man69
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not so untraceable!

movie man69 - wrote on 08/11/2008

This film looked great on movie trailers, but as I bought my popcorn and parked my back side on an uncomfortable cinema seat I was quite disappointed.The plot revolves around Jennifer Marsh a single mum and federal agent who works in the cyber crimes department of the FBI. Marsh is given a web address to investigate, and as she delves deeper she discovers a mad man torturing and killing people live on the internet. As more people log on to the site the quicker they are slaughtered.

At first I thought the premise of the story line was a stroke of genius but as I watched the movie the plot became very predictable and the use of the fore echoe I found was corny. The acting is pretty good and I have no complaints about the casting. As we discover who the killer is and his motives, it …

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I dont know

chiggles - wrote on 05/31/2008

A secret service agent, Jennifer Marsh, gets caught in a very personal and deadly cat-and-mouse game with a serial killer who knows that people (being what they are - both curious and drawn to the dark side of things) will log onto an "untraceable" website where he conducts violent and painful murders LIVE on the net. The more people who log on and enter the website, the quicker and more violently the victim dies.

I must say right now that I really was not looking forward to seeing this movie at all. My neighbor happened to have it and I figured I should check it out while I had the chance. Now that I have seen the movie I must say that the film is not as bad as it is proposed to be, it just seems repetitive and dragged on in some moments. So basically, we have seen this plot before, …

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