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Indyfreak - wrote on 04/26/2020

This belated sequel to the 2007 movie turned internet meme benefits from a more focused narrative and a much more fascinating villain played by Eva Green. The gory action and stylized visuals remain in place but it does lack the same punch as Zack Snyder's overwrought if more original hit.

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Rod - wrote on 07/11/2015

I am not a fan of actions taken place on water, I feel like there's not much room for them to battle in different ways. But this film, 300: Rise of An Empire, changed how I see action above sea. I think the best part was Themistocles rode on his horse and slashed Persian warriors. That was really cool! A horse in a water battle?? That's so good! Hoping for a third installment!

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hoods_breath - wrote on 08/04/2014

One star for Eva Green's excellent rack. If we could give an award for "most bizarre sex scene" this movie would win. WIldly, offensively inaccurate and entirely unnessecary.

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Norrin - wrote on 03/13/2014

A completely successful companion piece to the classic "300" with incredible special effects, awesome use of 3D, tons of graphic violence and a tour de force performance from Eva Green.

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