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A dog and pony show

sreekirch - wrote on 06/03/2012

Science says that, imagination is not just a part but also a depth in understanding its core. In the movie, Journey 2: the mysterious island, the island is full of wild imaginations and more looks like an old fairy tale said to children. But this is no children movie. It is far from insanity and more evolved with some huge creatures and also tiny objects. The big ones are small and small ones are big, hence it is the mysterious island. Brad Peyton (famous for Cats and Dogs part 2), had taken up this part to direct, along with screenwriters Brian and Mark gunn. Warner Bros and New line cinemas distribute the wholesome fun filled entertainer. This movie is careless. With the previous movie, he has shown that plot might be as silly as possible. The coliseum of imagination has run wild and …


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So are you ready for a adventure ?

smeagol - wrote on 05/25/2012

This is a very enjoyable and likeable movie with lots of good humour. it has some very good effects and is well made and suitable for all the family. The story is very simple. a kid and his stepfather hook up with a father and daughter by means of travel to search for the mysterious island where they believe the kids grandpa is ( michael cain ). once they arrive the adventure begins in the shape of giant creatures and nemo's atlantis.
i found it to be a feel good kind of movie with some fine effects and well worth watching.
The downpoints are....The very simple story dont expect much more than to be entertained. and i would of liked to of seen more creatures iin it. but overall it should make you smile .so are you ready for a adventure?

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