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FSUNoles27TS - wrote on 12/14/2012

I really like Michael Cera in everything he does, and this is no exception. The movie itself though was shallow and undeveloped. I have read the book which might make me a little biased, but I think stand alone, this is an average movie that Cera fans will get a kick out of. Really disappointed in this movie. The book on the other hand, is actually a pretty fun read.

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 05/18/2012

There's a lot of fun in the weirdness of this film, but the quirky parts never quite form a cohesive whole. The script is more of a collection of indie romantic comedy cliches than it is a character-driven love story. Fun moments, but overall disappointing.

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dukeakasmudge - wrote on 08/23/2011

Certain scenes brung back some memories Im still trying to forget

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sapien - wrote on 03/03/2011

I used to really hate this type of movie. But now I kinda like it. I thought there were plenty of funny parts. Some parts, however, were kinda weird. But that's ok, I guess.

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mrfinch - wrote on 06/21/2010

Had me chuckling in a few parts, I'm not entirely upset that I sat through the whole thing, but I don't see myself watching it again. The split personality thing could have been done far better, and has ( Think me, myself and Irene).

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Adict - wrote on 06/16/2010

Michael Cera has crafted his dry sarcastic wit into a curious tastability. We all know what's coming, yet the guy remains funny. Every once in awhile though a project comes along that is just not that good, and unfortunately this is that mistake project for Cera. The cast of odd characters around him are so bored, lifeless, and unlikeable that his short quips are more than a relief, but they come too far and in between to bail out the lame duck script.

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