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Bone Tomahawk

Let's play Cowboys and Cavemen!
Indyfreak - wrote on 02/07/16

It cannot be denied that Bone Tomahawk is a unique type of western. It's more focused on dialogue and atmosphere than action which will likely put off a lot of people that otherwise enjoy westerns, especially due to the film's very slow pace. This story could have easily been filmed under two hours but instead it's about 90 minutes into the plot we actually get a good look at the villainous troglodytes our heroes are after. Yes there's trogs in this movie.
But the movie looks like it's actually taking place in the old west instead of a Hollywood backlot. And if there is one thing that saves this movie is the acting and how the characters work off one another. The dialogue is surprisingly humorous and droll most of the time. Kurt Russell is as reliable of a leading man as ever. Patrick WIlson's performance makes you wonder why he's not in more movies while Richard Jenkins reminds audiences why he's one of the better character actors working today as the comic relief. When action and violence does happen, it's pretty brutal and quick but at the same time, it's shot in such a way that it heightens the tension and makes the suspense all the more eerie. There's plenty to like in Bone Tomahawk but perhaps if the pacing wasn't so glacial, I'd like it even more so than I ended up doing.

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