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Nightmare Alley (2021)

Not great but good

Okay so on a cold winter day with nothing to do I checked this movie out on HBO max and I'll say that it's not exactly worth the praise it's getting I mean it's not horrible but it's quit far from.the big Oscar winner everyone claims it to be too it's one of the best movies of the Christmas season I'll admit to that but it's not the best all around that would have to be either the matrix reservation or spiderman no way home I mean maybe I am being too hard on it but in my eyes it dosent seem as if that's the case I mean come on you gotta admit we had a pretty good Christmas for action lovers movie wise and this just didn't fit with what we call a action film it's okay for a couple of jump scares and nothing else but it possibly the best …

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Nightmare Alley (2021) 2.5/4 2.9/4

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1. Blacklight N/A 1.9/4
2. Death on the Nile N/A 2.5/4
3. Marry Me N/A 2.3/4
4. Dog N/A 2.6/4
5. Uncharted N/A 2.5/4
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