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Aspiring Actor

iamrogue - wrote on 2010-04-09 16:52

this thing has been universally panned, yet is making big money at the box office.  (Transformers syndrome).  If you love movies enough to be on a forum and talk about them, you'll probably be disappointed.  If you are a casual 'i want to see things explode' movie goer who doesn't know what a character arc or a plot point is, you'll probably be entertained.


Nick - wrote on 2010-04-02 11:55

We'll see how good it is.  Going to see it in 3D, not saying that will make the movie better, but I'll get to see if it makes anything more engaging. I've only seen one other movie in 3D and that was Monster vs. Aliens.  For the money, I hope this movie is good!

Movie God

Alex - wrote on 2010-03-31 17:50

Is anyone else going to see this this weekend?  The reviews have been bad from RT but maybe it will surprise me. I am still seeing it. Anyone with me?http://www.rottentomatoes .com/m/clash_of_the_titan s_2010/

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