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Overall Rank: 8629

Average Rating: 2.5/4

# of Ratings: 30

Theatrical Release Date: 11/01/2019

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: 01/28/2020

Language: English

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Tim Miller

Actors: Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Luna, Natalia Reyes, Brett Azar

Plot: Set thirty years after the events of Terminator 2, Sarah Connor teams up with a T-800 and new female cyborg in order to protect a young woman from a new, liquid terminator who can copy himself - once again hoping to secure the future against the threat of Skynet. -- Chris Kavan

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 07/13/2020

Easily better than Salvation and Genysis combined - Dark Fate may have not made that big of impact at the box office, but it is the best Terminator film since T2. Linda Hamilton is still a badass after all this time and Mackenzie Davis holds her own as an augmented future soldier fighting against the new Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna) in a future dominated not by Skynet, but another out-of-control AI called Legion. Lots of great action, an interesting plot (that ignores everything after T2 to start anew) and great characters - old and new. Too bad this is probably the last hurrah - it deserved more attention.

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chrisd - wrote on 10/26/2019

okay so i had been dying to see this movie and i was lucky enough to get an advance screening and here is what i have to say for you action fans santa has came a little bit early as the movie is a huge blast of action there is alot of humor as well but the action is extremly hard hitting and enjoyable very smart movie as well though i will say this its not for the faint at heart or for kids so dont expect this to be a family trip to the movies but aside from that its wonderful

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teriffic action flick

chrisd - wrote on 11/04/2019

i knew i was going to get a kickass action movie when i walked into see this however what i didnt know was that this was gonna be the action movie of the fall if not the year there is so much going on here there is plenty of action and adventure there are even a few laughs and you definetly get your moneys worth here with all this going on you should know though this isnt a family movie its a good action movie but not a good choice for kids and family however older teens and adults i say definetly see it see it see …

Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
Movie God

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Dark Fate - Review

Matthew Brady - wrote on 10/29/2019

"For John."

'Dark Fate' was meh. I mean it's basically the Force Awakens of the franchise just more cash grab. Like...how many times can they keep alternating T1 & T2, and yet it's astounding that it never ruins the legacy of the series.

Despite all that, it's the third best in the series. At least this movie knows that Terminator is not for kids! I had some engagement in the movie, even through the reason being that it follows a familiar plot line.

Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are both the stand outs. Hamilton playing a cranky bad-ass and Arnold playing an involved machine that has a life of his own. Mackenzie Davis was surprisingly not as annoying as I thought she will be just from the marketing alone. Her character was straight forward in terms of motivation and …

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