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Overall Rank: 2267

Average Rating: 2.8/4

# of Ratings: 147

Theatrical Release Date: 05/12/1995

Language: English

Genre: Action, Drama

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Tony Scott

Actors: Denzel Washington, Gene Hackman, Matt Craven, George Dzundza, Viggo Mortensen, James Gandolfini

Plot: Hackman vs Washington: a showdown hundreds of feet beneath the ocean. Ordered to unleash their nuclear payload onto a former Soviet army base, two principled men fight for what they believe is the right thing to do.

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 08/02/2011

The claustrophobic quarters of this submarine drama allow you to focus on the sparks that fly when the titanic personalities of Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington collide. Tony Scott does us a service by curbing his usual frenetic filmmaking style and allowing the performances to do most of the heavy lifting.

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Ichabod Crane - wrote on 02/25/2009

A good of thriller that is fairly predictable but is successful due to the performances and the quick pace it contains. Nothing especially special about it though. Because you know what really is going to happen because it makes it all so clear.

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Movie God

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"Crimson Tide" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 04/06/2012

When an American nuclear submarine is cut off from the chain of command, the captain decides to launch his missiles causing the first officer to mutiny. This is a pretty run of the mill submarine thriller elevated once more by the presence of veteran character actor Gene Hackman and a good supporting cast including Viggo Mortensen and James Gandolfini. The suspense is contrived and the direction by Tony Scott is rather mechanical but thankfully free of the kind of irritatingly gimmicky camera work that has since become his trademark. The gratuitous Tarantino-isms also stand out like a sore thumb. But by far the biggest handicap for this film is the usual Old Glory salutin' militarism that plagues American thrillers of this type; it even bottles out of showing the captain as the villain …

Movie God

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Intense coldwar drama. A Mustsee.

mdtinney - wrote on 10/31/2009

Yet another great submarine movie with a cast of great actors, adding to the list that includes Run Silent, Run Deep with Burt Lancaster, Das Boot with Jurgen Prochnow, and The Hunt For Red October with Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin. This is a thought-provoking, intelligent film. Gene Hackman delivers one of his best performances as Captain Ramsey, a man that is hell-bent on launching his submarine's deadly cargo at post-cold war era Russia. Denzel Washington delivers another stellar performance as Executive Officer Hunter, a calm and cool man, who is willing to risk the end of the world to prove himself right. The film features some great underwater SFX shots involving the U.S.S Alabama and a rebel Russian attack submarine, spectacular writing and acting bring this movie to an …

The M.O.W.
The M.O.W.

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GO BAMA!!! Go rent this movie

The M.O.W. - wrote on 08/01/2008

A rebelion in the former Soviet Union has captured a nuclear missile base, causing the greatest global emergency since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The US launches the USS Alabama, a nuclear submarine under the command of "Captain Ramsey" (Gene Hackman and his Executive Officer (XO) "Lt. Commander Hunter" (Denzel Washington).

Eventually, the "Bama" receives an emergency communication that is cut off, and both the commander and XO do not concur on what to do since the message is incomplete. Both pull in fellow officers into their argument, which ends up in a mutiny lead by "Hunter."

The performances are really good, you can almost feel the intense tension from the entire cast. Easily, Washington and Hackman stand out among the cast since the most tension is between them.

Most the …

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