Breathless ( À Bout de souffle ) Movie Information

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Overall Rank: 502

Average Rating: 3.1/4

# of Ratings: 108

Theatrical Release Date: 02/17/1961

Language: French

Genre: Crime, Drama

MPAA Rating: NR

Director: Jean-Luc Godard

Actors: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Seberg, Daniel Boulanger, Jean-Pierre Melville, Henri-Jacques Huet, Claude Mansard

Plot: Traditional cinematic form is cast aside to brilliant effect in his inaugural entry of the French New Wave, an homage to the gangster and crime films of 1930s/40s Hollywood.

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Indyfreak - wrote on 06/05/2019

Flashy crime film about a thief (Belmondo) and his lover (Seberg). And that's really it. A series of vignettes for most of the story. The nicest thing about this movie is that it showcases all the strengths Belmondo displayed which made him an international star in later hits like Cartouche and That Man from Rio. He's adept at playing tough but thoughtful protagonists with a grey moral compass. The film is noteworthy because of its then revolutionary editing using rapid cuts. It's more distracting today.

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Daniel Corleone - wrote on 01/16/2012

A penniless criminal Michel (Jean-Paul Belmondo) goes with an American girlfriend Patricia (Jean Seberg). She meets a guy who helps her with the articles. One of the best quotes from the film: Michel – “People are such liars.” The soundtrack and pace of the film were good. It’s editing and jump cuts were a bit rapid for this reviewers taste. Style of the picture was really elegant. Only reservation this critic had was the lack of a better plot since character development was focused. Breathless is a good French film worth viewing.

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 09/15/2011

A film that connects the dots between passion, emotion, aesthetics, and effortless cool to create a New Wave gangster film that is stylish and modern-feeling. Seriously, has there been a cooler gangster film made? Each fram overflows with specific cinematic choices that combine to create a story that is full of vivacity and, like most New Wave films, celebrates life.

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SteelCity99 - wrote on 04/25/2018

The title of "Breathless" is pretty self explanatory. The French New Wave had barely begun approximately five years ago, and Jean-Luc Godard was audacious and adventurous enough to portray his cinematic style in its most complete way in his first film. À Bout de Souffle contains every technical aspect, every charming detail and every single auteur frame that distinguished Godard as a revolutionary of cinema. At the end of terms, it may be referential cinema. However, its quirkiness and extreme improvisatory feeling allowed the art of filmmaking to be capable of taking elements that clearly distinguished the pop culture of the time, referencing famous stars and personalities and applying a unique signature. The cinematic movement that allowed France to be recognized as a stylish and …

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Roh - wrote on 09/01/2016

Our Daily Free Stream: Jean-Luc Godard - A Bout De Souffle (french only). In diesem Moment arbeitet Godard an seinem neuen Projekt - noch ohne Titel! Deshalb gibts heute sein Debüt. - Wir reden. Du über dich und ich über mich. Wo wir besser über uns gesprochen hätten. - Das moderne Kino beginnt hier, 1960, bei Jean-Luc Godards Debüt. Das wohl einflussreichste überhaupt! Ein Filmwissenschaftler würde jetzt erörtern, dass Godards "Jump Cuts" den Durchbruch brachten. Vielleicht war es aber auch einfach nur die Respektlosigkeit, mit der sich Godards narzistische Helden obsessiv um sich selbst drehen, ohne den Rest der Gesellschaft überhaupt zu beachten? Im Grunde kann man sämtliche Charaktere der goldenen Ära Hollywoods der späten 60er von Godards Vorbild ableiten. A Bout De …


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Le confort de l'amour.

memento_mori - wrote on 09/17/2013

Often hailed as the classic that sparked the French New Wave, A Bout de Souffle succeeds in everything elementary, but leaves too much to comprehend the moral.

Jean-Luc Godard is a director that has been praised and praised and praised again, obviously having played a major role in French cinema. Thus, I thought I would express my perception of his debut, Breathless.

The acting is near perfect. Although the film is in French, I could frequently associate emotions and characteristics from the dialogue to the characters, which are excellently written by Godard himself. Many throwbacks to earlier scenes near the end and a great finale.

I would like to say this movie is well-constructed, but there is way too little for me to start delving into the characters. It starts by basically …

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