Shaolin Soccer ( Siu lam juk kau ) Movie Information

Movie Information

Overall Rank: 2169

Average Rating: 2.9/4

# of Ratings: 78

Theatrical Release Date: 04/02/2004

Language: Cantonese

Genre: Action, Comedy

MPAA Rating: NR

Director: Stephen Chow

Actors: Stephen Chow, Man Tat Ng, Wei Zhao, Yin Tse, Hui Li, Chi Ling Chiu

Plot: A lowly man seeks to combine his loves of soccer and kung-fu. Can he manage to assemble a soccer team that feels his passion and can tap into their true skills? Hold on for a fabulous adventure! -- GOD_NOtLIKELY

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donkeyknight - wrote on 05/01/2011

Unabashedly giddy, infectiously hilarious - watch the original Cantonese version- sweet action, sweet banana peels, sweet shoulder pads

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Crazy 4 war movies - wrote on 05/13/2008

As an ex soccer player and tae kwon do black belt I expected this movie to be of somewhat good quality. Unfortunately I was totally wrong. Although i saw this movie years ago i remember it enough to never rent it again. Martial Arts+Soccer= a total disaster (for me). I was confused so much, was it a comedy or a sports movie, how can you fly with a soccer ball...etc.If the moves done in this movie were somewhat realistic then it would pose the possibility to have potential as a move. But i didn't and for me was the only movie that i gave a 1/2 a star on

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"Shaolin Soccer" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 04/07/2012

Soccer star "Golden Leg" is bribed into throwing an important match and has his legs broken in retribution. Twenty years later he teams up with a young Kung Fu master to win a prestigious Soccer Tournament and revenge himself on the man responsible. Shaolin Soccer is a witty, tongue in cheek pastiche of multiple film genres, including martial arts epics, Jackie Chan style chop socky slapstick, sports underdog films and even spaghetti westerns. This mish mash of styles and genres reminded me very much of the kind of knowing comedy Simon Pegg would make rather than the juvenile scattershot parodies of Zucker/Abrams. There's a lot of humour in the notion that ordinary people are using Shaolin Kung Fu in everyday life and Chow cleverly uses loony tunes-style CGI and costumes to intercut …

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I'm not here to fight, I'm here to play soccer!

TheWolf - wrote on 07/27/2007

Stephen Chow really does add a unique spin on the martial arts genre with really funny special effects, creating comedy a step up from Jackie Chan's work. Stephen Chow stars as Sing, a Shaolin martial arts master who wants to spread the word about kung fu. With kung fu, a person could cut leaves from trees much faster than with the tools currently used. With kung fu, a girl slipping on a banana peel could easily land on her feet and keep on walking. What he wants is a fun way for people to be interested in the art. The storyline never loses its power to move the audience as Chow integrates wonderfully unexpected and original comedic images, from the kickoff of the tournament to Mui's dramatic march during the final match.
Even if you aren't a fan of Soccer this is a movie that you will …

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