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Hurricane2000 - wrote on 01/27/2020

By Far The Funniest Ice Age Film With fantastic animation, A great cast (Pegg as Buck was hilarious), A unique story, And strong humor. Dawn Of The Dinosaurs is a hugely satisfying entry in the Ice Age franchise. Rating: Fresh

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Snoogans - wrote on 07/21/2016

If 'The Meltdown' was a misstep, then 'Dawn of the Dinosaurs' is a bust. The family dilemmas hold no weight or solid reasoning to the characters besides the typical "I'm anxious and over-protective for my child". Story is completely one note, with the core ensemble serving as hollow stereotypes of their former selves using gags in place of personality. Simon Pegg manages to make a typical stock wildcard character seem entertaining despite his many overdone (to death) jokes. There's no attempt to make a good film. The best moments - and ONLY laughs - come from the continued short side plot of Scrat the squirrel. If it weren't for this likable funny character, I'd have forgotten the entire movie. An empty experience.

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 08/05/2014

Good animation but not very good.

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 04/14/2011

Enjoyable third installment that, like the first two films, skates by largely on the charm and character of its voice cast. There is also a lot of heart in this film that pushes it above silly slapstick moments. I know the animation here is kind of minimalist, but I honestly find it sort of beautiful.

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