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Rod - wrote on 05/13/2019

Predictably heartwarming. What I like most about it is that they did not portray Viktor Drago as all evil, his short subplot conveniently gain some sympathy.

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Indyfreak - wrote on 03/31/2019

A brawny and powerfully acted sports drama that features the reunion of Stallone and Lundgren while their characters' younger counterparts fight for the title. Michael B. Jordan displays a quiet intensity for smaller moments as much as his cocky swagger for the big cinematic beats. Newcomer Florian Munteanu is a mammoth of a person but capable inducing pity from viewers with his unflinching loyalty to his father. The fight scenes are good but not quite as exciting as the scenes in the first CREED. It's a good sequel but missing a few things that would elevate it to a great one.

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