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Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
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“I’m trash”

Matthew Brady - wrote on 07/19/2019

Knifey: “How am I alive?”

Forky: “I don’t know.”

‘Toy Story 4’ is a lighthearted adventure that neatly wraps up the perfect character arc, which is light years better than the third, in my opinion. However, in spite of that, I’m still questing why this fourth entry exist, because everything else is paper thin.

Lets start off with the merits: I know saying the animation is amazing isn’t anything new when it comes to Pixar - a company that’s constantly involving with every entry. It’s the same with as saying “Meryl Streep is great in...”, type of situation but needs addressing ever time. I liked how beautifully polished every character and environment looked, which gave the movie a certain quality in richness. There’s a scene at the beginning involving …

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