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Toy Story 4

“I’m trash”
Matthew Brady - wrote on 07/19/19

Knifey: “How am I alive?”

Forky: “I don’t know.”

‘Toy Story 4’ is a lighthearted adventure that neatly wraps up the perfect character arc, which is light years better than the third, in my opinion. However, in spite of that, I’m still questing why this fourth entry exist, because everything else is paper thin.

Lets start off with the merits: I know saying the animation is amazing isn’t anything new when it comes to Pixar - a company that’s constantly involving with every entry. It’s the same with as saying “Meryl Streep is great in...”, type of situation but needs addressing ever time. I liked how beautifully polished every character and environment looked, which gave the movie a certain quality in richness. There’s a scene at the beginning involving rain that’s close to photo-realism and a clear growth in the animation department. I mean, the difference based on the plastic looking models back in 1995.

Perhaps my favorite character in the entire movie was Duke Caboom played by the breathtaking Keanu Reeves. Despite the little screen, Reeves manages to bring some much charisma and enjoyment to the character it was hard for me not to smile. I was surprised that a few people didn’t realise it was Keanu, but then again he’s casting wasn’t anything secretive if you’re like me that follows announcements on upcoming movies. Anywhere, I could tell Keanu was having a blast with this role and it seems very fitting considering Reeves stunt work.

I was shocked, yet glad that the character of Forky wasn’t as disposable as I originally thought. Surprisingly the main message of purpose and suicide came from Forky’s joke, well that’s how I interpret it. It’s something you don’t pick up on, but you’re brain did.

The funniest aspect of the movie came from Bunny and Ducky played by Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, especially the plan scene where the visual comedy was used effectively for laughs. I thought they were going to be so annoying based on the trailers, but I was relieved that they had some good material for the jokes and punchlines to be funny.

It’s great to see the old gang back together with some welcoming new faces. Although I feel like the old gang got pushed to side characters this time around. Even Buzz didn’t seem to be himself and got backtracked to do absolutely nothing through out the movie. I know there’s a lot of characters and it be difficult to juggle so any, but if we’ve learned anything from ‘Infinity War’ is that it may seem impossible until it’s done.

I’ll give the movie credit for not having any villains, as it would’ve been unneeded and a cheap trick to add dramatic tension.

However, despite the welcoming return and facing new conflict, but everything else has less to desire. I wasn’t quite emotionally involved as I should’ve been, yet at the end, I didn’t hit me as the movie intended. If I have to be honest, after seeing this a few weeks ago, I’m struggling to remember certain scenes. This movie existing is unnecessary as everything felt made up on the spot which I think is the reason why it didn’t emotionally connect with me like the previous three did.

A big step down for the franchise, but family and children will enjoy it no matter what, and that ain't a bad thing.

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