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Matthew Brady - wrote on 02/11/2014

As the T-virus continues to ravage the earth, Alice awakens to find herself in Umbrella's secure underground location. Delving further into her past, Alice, humanity's last chance to survive the legion of undead, will travel the globe to hunt down those responsible. Okay before I start this review of this movie I have seen the other resident evil and they are Bad.this movie has Bad acting and the action is like transformer's 2 mindless action.

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smeagol - wrote on 12/01/2012

think its time they stopped these movies now. this is the worst one of the lot. hardly any zombies . dodgy acting very weak plot. fight kick shoot run that's about it. the ending is silly it felt like the makers want to turn it into the avengers of something. shame . its something to watch on a night your bored but that's about all its good for.

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