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Bridge to Terabithia

Camper - wrote on 07/02/2013

Strangely enough, this movie would've been better if they had toned down the Terabithia scenes. I know the imagining-everything-and-actually-seeing-it was a way to draw kids into the story, but all of the over-the-top...ness of their world made it somehow less genuine. I used to have something like Terabithia when I was younger, and I remember making up adventures, and so I think I would've really loved this movie if it had just shown the two kids playing and running and talking about what they see in their world without actually seeing it all. I don't know, sometimes seeing the magical world of a kid's imagination works- such as in Where the Wild Things Are, but in this movie it was just a bit silly.
With that being said, this is still a really good movie and the kid actors all did a …

Tia Maria
Tia Maria

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Bridge To Terabithia

Tia Maria - wrote on 07/07/2008

We were all forced to watch this movie at school, and do a review on it, so I was expecting it to be crap (come on - the teachers picked it!) but I was totally surprised.
It is about a guy called Jess who has no friends, and is bullied at schools, until a new girl arrives: Leslie. They become friends after she beats him in a race (that he so desperately wanted to win) and they invent a magical place call Terabithia. To an outsider, it is just lots of trees. But to them, it is a magical kingdom, and with their imaginations, they can make it anything they want it to be.
So it was advertised to be something like Narnia, but it isn't really. Its just a movie showing that using your imagination can help you to cope with your problems, and that everyone needs a good friend/

Movie Star

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A Pleasant Surprise.

Movies - wrote on 06/06/2008

Leslie Burke:
"…I check my air. I don’t have as much time as I need to see everything, but that is what makes it so special.”

I’m not quite sure words can describe how I felt after viewing “Bridge to Terabithia” for the first time. For starters, I had already read the book back in fourth grade, and many of the scenes in that novel remain engraved in my mind to this day. The marketing for this adaption was poor and misleading at best. It appeared as if the people at Disney prepped this to be the next coming of “Narnia,” showcasing the various fantasy sequences throughout the many promotional trailers. Director Gabor Csupo was probably brought in to direct based on his impressive imaginative skills displayed in his co-created phenomenon “The Rugrats.” This signaled …

safari kate
safari kate
Rising Star

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Timeless Story of Imagination and Friendship

safari kate - wrote on 01/19/2008

"Bridge to Terabithia" is a movie that I had been looking forward to since I first saw the trailer for it earlier in the year. I first read the book by Katherine Paterson in fourth grade, and was very moved by it, so I naturally had very high expectations for the film. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. The casting for the film was spot on, and the actors did an excellent job of bringing the characters to life.

The story, which follows two children as they become friends and learn to see the world through the lens of imagination, is a very emotional experience. Like the book, the movie captures the wonder of childhood, the pain of growing up, and the despair of loss. When the book was first published in 1977, it was one of the first children's books to deal with the …

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Should Have Expected This From Disney

Matthew Sanchelli - wrote on 09/05/2007

I honestly don't know what to say about this movie....without including some sort of spoiler.

Which, I hate I will not include one.

This is a very good movie. Do not trust the trailers though. It was widely advertised as a fantasy film; like Chronicles, etc. Though there are fantasy aspects to the film; it's more about the imaginations of two particular children.

For most of the movie I was enjoying myself, and I had a little childish grin on my face because it was just pure fun to think about how it was for me as a kid and keeping "my mind wide open". I miss those days of pure imagination and fun.

There are some rather dark parts to the film as it gets deeper in the movie. And me, I'm a total sap and I even shed a tear or two.

This movie really hits the …

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