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Matthew Brady - wrote on 03/21/2015

Great looking cast and a well made song but the movie is very dull.

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Rod - wrote on 05/17/2014

I like the technique used but we all know that the vocals didn't met the musical requirements. I still love musical movies though.

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DeryaBulk - wrote on 10/25/2012

Very very fun if you enjoy classical musicals

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 07/23/2011

Despite the presence of interesting visuals, the magic and meaning of Fellini's seminal masterpiece (my all-time favorite movie, by the way) is missing amid forgettable songs and performances.

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Allison - wrote on 06/01/2011

Very middle of the road. You can't Americanize Fellini.

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Ichabod Crane - wrote on 02/08/2010

A film of oddness all the way through. It basically is a director meeting different women or thinking about them with each one with a song to sing. The story poorly structured and connected very poorly and not a single character was really given much of a characterization. The songs are nothing special, and the look of the songs are pretty poor. Any meaning to the movie is really missing here or at least lost among the poorly done song and dance numbers. Everyone sings alright but there really is no story connecting the songs of any interest and the songs had to be a lot better than this.

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