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Matthew Brady - wrote on 02/22/2014

Chev Chelios has survived this long thanks to a nearly-indestructible heart and his will to survive. He faces a new challenge when a Chinese mobster replaces that heart with a new battery-powered one, one that requires a steady application of electricity to run. This movie is crazy and out of control in a fun and silly way.

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Daniel Corleone - wrote on 03/07/2012

Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) survives with an artificial heart. No broken bones after falling more than a 100 feet from a helicopter, lines like “Right Said Fred. Simply Red. Chicken and broccoli,” humping an old lady who swears on TV and doing it on a race track just proves how dim-witted this sequel was. The gore on this one coupled with the electrical power plant fight, head being revived and childhood flashback was just too ludicrous. Bringing in the old cast doesn’t improve the film either. Crank: High Voltage hints of another installment based on its idiotic conclusion.

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 09/22/2010

I guess I can't rank this any higher or lower than the first one, because it's virtually the same thing with a different gimmick (electricity instead of adrenaline) and it's just as much fun and as stupid as the original. Once again, a live-action video game come to life with plenty of violence and pointless nudity.

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Unknown - wrote on 06/18/2009

More crazy than the first. This sequel 'Crank's the exploitation up to full volume, delivering more violence, sex, and laughs. The action is literally non-stop, making for non-stop entertainment. Plain badass-ery in unbelievable fashion. THIS is how you make exploitation fun. I had a blast! A memorable theatrical experience.

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shutterspeed777 - wrote on 05/02/2009

I used to love the movies starred by Jason Statham. This one is an exception. I guess whatever review I'd do for this one, it will never be fair. Why? Because I was yawning from the start. When I got to the middle part, I'm sorry, I was out of there. Zoooomm! Bad bad movie. I probably would have had a change of heart had I sucked it till the finish. I just didn't have what it takes I guess to stay put and torture myself to unimaginable agony. Here's why the opening scenes are a critical springboard for the balance of the film.

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