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sapien - wrote on 03/25/2010

I love Roots. It's a great series of movies, no doubt about it.

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Allison - wrote on 10/27/2008

Really an amazing look into Alex Haley's story. I remember being in awe and not being in able to wait until the next episode. Highly recommended.

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jen1302 - wrote on 09/13/2007

One of the best mini series i have ever watched based on the dramatization of author Alex Haley's telling the story of his family roots, starting with Kunta Kinte's enslavement to his descendents through time. Kunta Kinte was taken from his African village to be sold into slavery and taken to America. He tries many times to escape to escape only to be maimed upto when he meets his wife Bell they have a daughter Kizzy who then is sold do a different plantation to have a son to the plantaion owner her son is called Chicken George as a legendary cock fighter who takes his family to freedom through the ages. My daughter has watched this set in 1767 upto when the series came out in 1977 which is now out now.

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