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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 07/06/2020

"Salem's Lot" feels more like something from the world of Scooby-Doo than the mind of Stephen King. The acting is caricatury , the atmosphere is stale, and the 3-hour runtime leaves so many dull spots that you'll just want to skip ahead to the good parts. But there's not very many of those I'm afraid.

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 10/11/2016

Salem’s Lot freaked me out as a kid. When I watched this, I was home alone on Halloween night with all the lights off. Now that's how you should spend your Halloween night. However, Salem’s Lot dose have it's slow moments that kinda dragged the run time for me, but it's still a pretty effective and horrifying TV movie that still gets to me today.

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Snoogans - wrote on 08/05/2011

One of the better Stephen King adaptations. It's a made-for-t.v. movie that is actually legitimately scary.

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jen1302 - wrote on 09/06/2007

Young novelist Ben Mears ( David Soul ) returning home to Salem's Lot after many years is disturbed by the strange behaviour of its people. He believes that the source of the trouble may be the eerie old Marsten House that overlooks the town. Where Richard K. Straker (James Mason) moves into the Marsden house with mysterious partner, namely Mr. Barlow.

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