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patjohnson76 - wrote on 05/23/2008

If you're looking for a movie that starts out light but goes dark pretty quickly and without warning, this one is for you. Molly Shannon plays an assistant who goes through an emotional roller coaster when her beloved dog unexpectedly dies. Her emotions take her into places that you're not really expecting, so at times the film can make you a little uneasy. However, it's worth watching for Molly Shannon's strong performance, who shows you more range than you'd think.

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kzeiger - wrote on 01/17/2008

This film couldn't have had better timing in my life. A very quirky and funny and heartbreaking film. I love movies that are able to make me cry and then make me laugh. Shannon was using her A game for this film and she definitely well cast as this zany dog owner who's world seems to fall apart after the passing of her dog, Pencil. Be sure and not let this film pass you by.

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Allison - wrote on 09/30/2007

What Movies Teach Us: (SPOILERS) Don't go crazy like Molly Shannon and embezzle from your work no matter how good you think your cause is. TEN TOP WORST MOVIES OF 2007 (see list)

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