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"Star Trek: The Motion Picture" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 09/17/2012

The first in the long running movie franchise was a huge departure from the ethos of the series it was based upon, and as such disappointed the majority of fans who were expecting more of the same kitsch hi-jinx and polystyrene sets that endeared themselves to so many. The Motion Picture prefers to take its cues from more grandiose, epic sci-fi tales such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and although its inspirations are very obvious, it does very well in capturing a sense of awe and wonder that space exploration (at least used to) conjures up. The stars of the show are most certainly the pairing of SFX legends Trumbull and Dykstra and the visuals of this film are still astonishing to this day, and the addition of Jerry Goldsmith's suitably operatic score makes the original Trek film an …

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hugely atrocious first film for the series

Drive-In Massacre - wrote on 12/23/2009

Keep in mind this was the first thing I'd ever seen that included the original Star Trek crew, and I had already decided to watch all the films. So needless to say, I was scared. Anyone who has seen 2001: A Space Odyssey even once can tell that this is just a huge rip-off. Made even more disappointing that it's directed by the very gifted and versatile, Robert Wise who happened to have directed The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Haunting, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, and my personal favorite by him, The Body Snatcher...Out of all the people to direct a Star Trek film, Wise was hands-down the most talented. So it's a big surprise that he directed such a hugely atrocious first film for the series.

I can not begin to explain how boring I felt this film was. I've never fallen …

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Visually and musically fabulous but otherwise dull

JTurner - wrote on 05/31/2009

Long after STAR TREK became a pop culture phenomenon, creator Gene Roddenberry began conception on a second TV series. Due to the success of STAR WARS, however, it was decided to turn Roddenberry's concepts into a feature-film that hit theaters in 1979. Its financial success spawned several sequels, turning it into a legendary film franchse. However, you wouldn't know it by watching STAR TREK--THE MOTION PICTURE, which, despite some breathtaking visual effects work by Douglas Trumbull and a classic score by Jerry Goldsmith, never comes to life. The whole film feels very much like a television episode stretched out to more than two hours; this naturally leads to a lot of excruciatingly slow and boring scenes which take forever to get through, with a lot of stiff, emotionless acting. The …


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Doesn't Even Reach Warp Speed

Topher - wrote on 05/18/2009

Although not quite as slow as 2001, this film practically crawls to a stand still. Frequently, it doesn't even make sense.

Set about a decade after the original voyages of Kirk and crew, Star Trek: The Motion Picture reunites the crew abroad an improved Enterprize. Over the past ten years, however, the characters have changed just enough to make them a bit uncomfortable to watch. Kirk has gone from a boyish rogue to an obsessive. Spock, after attempting a Vulcan ritual that aims to purge the emotions, is chillingly distant. But while these character changes could've been explored dramatically, much of the film is wasted on long, panaramic space vistas that are as pretty as they are dull.

On the plus side, the film does successfully what all the Trek films do -- mythologizes …

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