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Knocked Up

It's too much and too long
DB - wrote on 10/14/07

At some point, the pot smoking, cuss word spewing, inappropriate humor gets over done. While there is a lot of laughs, there are too many flaws in this movie to call it a great comedy. It's too long, especially when less then half the jokes cause me to laugh. I'd say this movie is hilarious to the immature teenagers who wish they were part of the pot smoking group in the movie, or to actual pot smoking groups out there who find this movie hitting home. I'm not in either one.

To be more specific, I don't really get to know any pot smoking group. All they do is spit out obscenities and insults. The married couple fights all the time which gets old, and the kid's inappropriate, shouldn't be saying that type of stuff at her age is flat out dumb. The growing up by the main character Ben (Seth Rogen) is not believable either.

There are a lot of great comedies out there that make wish the movie was longer, this was definitely not one of them.

2/4 stars

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Josh C - wrote on 10/15/07 at 08:10 AM CT

Knocked Up Review comment

Though I do agree that this movie was too long, and the last 30 minutes were not funny, I still think this was a really good comedy. I really don't think this movie relys on a person's "Pot smoking" background to enjoy, simply it relys on the fact that you can relate to some of the characters even though they blow the characters personalities to the extreme. For instance who can't relate to the husband in an unhappy marriage but deals with it anyway because he loves his wife, or the group of …

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