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The Avengers (2012)

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Nick - wrote on 05/08/12

The Avengers starts off the blockbuster season a complete success. With such a big build up, with trailers and blips for it coming out more than a year in advance, it had big shoes to fill. All the movies leading up to the Avengers were average super hero movies, but The Avengers brings it all together into a movie that meets, and exceeds, expectations. The movie has everything you want, great effects and CGI, plenty of humor, great build up and climax, and even much enjoyed quarrels between characters. If you liked Iron Man, this movie brings in all the same great humor. If you liked the God of Thunder, Thor brings his hammer and uses it with vengeance. If you hated The Hulk, you will find he is a good addition to The Avengers despite his sub-par movie. It has been quite a while since I've seen a movie I enjoyed this much. A must watch in the theater.

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Daniel Corleone - wrote on 01/15/13 at 09:13 AM CT

The Avengers Review comment

Finally someone who agrees with me as being a 4 star rating. Can't wait for the next installment from the franchise.

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