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Alien: Covenant

Indyfreak - wrote on 08/18/17

Ridley Scott is one of the most talented directors working today. But he is also one of the most uneven directors in terms of output. For every Gladiator, there's Robin Hood. For every American Gangster, there's Body of Lies. For every Kingdom of Heaven, there's Exodus; Gods and Kings. And now for Alien, there is Alien: Covenant.
It's a well made movie and there are a few genuine moments of tense thrills and suspense. The score is very low key but effectively ominous.The cast does try their best. Some succeed like Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, and oddly enough Danny McBride. The rest are redshirts. No nicer way to say it.
What Alien:Covenant sets out to do is to act as a bridge between the Alien movies and the apparently aborted Prometheus spin-off series. While Prometheus served as a futuristic rendition of any HP Lovecraft story, Covenant borrows heavily from FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956) and sometimes even from the first ALIEN movie. Especially towards the end. Sorry if that's a spoiler for some people.
I can't write it off as a terrible movie but it's not a return to form for the franchise either. Unless something really unique and interesting is devised to take the ALIEN movies further, let this be the last one.

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