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Spider-Man: Homecoming

So what was the point of calling it Homecoming?
Indyfreak - wrote on 07/14/17

Spider-Man: Homecoming is an energetic, exciting, and overall entertaining superhero movie that sees the hero return to his roots after a botched reboot series. Tom Holland shines as a suitable actor for the role of Peter Parker while Michael Keaton is simply chilling as the fiendish winged supervillain The Vulture. The movie does feature an appearance from Iron Man (RDJ) as Spider-Man's mentor but RDJ doesn't overshadow Holland's performance.
The action is creative and takes full advantage of the advances made since the Sam Raimi trilogy ten years ago. The supporting cast is pretty big even for a superhero movie with a lot of surprise appearances for certain characters. Some make the most of their screen time like Donald Glover or Jon Favreau or Laura Harrier. Others are shortchanged and don't really add much to the plot like Zendaya who after all the hype and controversy is almost a background character. It's amusing but somewhat startling that one character that leaves a lot of impact is actually a disembodied voice.
Given the fresh start within the MCU, the mood is upbeat and no matter how dire the stakes seem, there's a counterbalance with some levity. However, the movie does end up trying to be too funny or quirky for its own good and some scenes with dialogue end up just seeming like chatty filler. Much of this has to do with Jacob Batalon mugging the camera or even poor Marisa Tomei who plays Aunt May for some strange reason. Also like a lot of superhero movies these days, the film is longer than it needs to be.
Compared with a lot of recent superhero epics, it's nice to see something a tad smaller in scale that's trying to just have some fun for a change. Even if it does drag at times. Fans will geek out at the end credits which promise bigger things to come.

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