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The Revenant (2015)

FYI. Revenant means a vengeful ghost...
Indyfreak - wrote on 05/30/16

The Revenant is a throwback to the old school Hollywood film-making that rarely happens anymore. It was filmed on location in harsh weather conditions and with a larger-than-life historical figure as its focus against the backdrop of a beautiful but dangerous wilderness. I can't promise it's for everyone as it's a dark and sometimes brutal picture. Aside from the oft gory violence, there is a bleak portrait of human nature that is depicted with the only silver lining being the will to survive and endure. Leonardo DiCaprio is Hugh Glass who survives a bear mauling but is left for dead by his companions (led by a despicable Tom Hardy). Glass survives and embarks on an arduous journey of survival fueled by vengeance and perseverance hand in hand. The cinematography is gorgeous;they filmed in natural light and it shows. The music is moody and makes the emotional beats more effective. Its sense of visual storytelling with little dialogue is commendable in an age where movies often talk too much. It's a more artsy production than it's been marketed but it's worth a look.

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