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For Your Eyes Only

Nowhere near as risque as the title implies....
Indyfreak - wrote on 06/10/15

Suggestive title aside, For Your Eyes Only is a routine but entertaining James Bond movie that still shows Roger Moore's advanced age is gonna become a hindrance one day. The location shots of Spain, Greece, and Italy are beautiful as are the underwater scenes;it's like out of a Jacques Cousteau documentary sometimes.
The cold opening takes up more time than it should but the helicopter stunts in this scene are very impressive. Speaking of action, it's that which saves 'For Your Eyes Only' aside from having a good villain for once that's played by Julian Glover (the heavy from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). It's much less reliant on gadgets or jokes and not surprisingly it's more exciting.
This rare realistic approach for a Roger Moore entry is hampered by the inclusion of Lynn-Holly Johnson in a supporting role as a lovesick ice-skater. She looks underage and her scenes with Moore are very uncomfortable. She's a terrible actress as well. Noted Israeli actor Topol fairs better as an ally of Bond. The Bond girl in this installment is french actress Carole Boquet who looks stunning but is unconvincing because of her lines being dubbed and it shows-badly.
'For Your Eyes Only' has the potential to be among the best movies of the Roger Moore period of Bond's history but once again, like his other films it falls prey to a schizophrenic tone and is only half as good as it should be.

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