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The Boss (2016)

Terrible 'Tammy': Pt. 2
Unknown - wrote on 04/26/16

'The Boss' brings us round two of the writing/directing duo of comedy star McCarthy and her husband Falcone. Their last unfunny blunder, 'Tammy', was a hard one to sit through, and their followup is no different. It felt like I was watching a sequel to that awful turd, because the two films are so similar in tone, execution, storytelling, and (terrible) humor. I will give one positive before I continue ranting. The dramatic moments later on involving the main character learning from her mistakes do have a sweet nature to them, thanks in part to McCarthy's abilities. That's it. The rest of this movie was a never-ending bore of super-lame jokes and bad direction/editing. Every gag has already been done (in some form) hundreds of times in other films. Every crude line of dialogue simultaneously feels like they were trying too hard AND not trying at all. How is that possible?! Nothing can save this movie. It is a vacuum of entertainment waiting to suck out any enjoyment you were even forcing yourself have.

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