Snoogans's Movie Review of Carol

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Longing for True Feelings
Snoogans - wrote on 01/17/16

'Carol' is a behind-closed-doors romance upheld by two impeccably engaging lead performances and strong direction. It's as if you're transported to this time and place, viewing this slowly sizzling intimate relationship through the prism of the period. The unaccepting viewpoints from supporting characters ins't over dramatized or made to be the only obstacle between the potential lovers. Both women have their other counterparts to deal with and it's handled with more care than most movies. You do see heartbreak it causes on all sides, not just the women. Their attraction is always the focal point. I really felt their longing for each other, so much so that the film gains sufficient build-up to their first physical interaction of love. It's handled with delicacy in a tasteful manner.

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