Snoogans's Movie Review of Suffragette

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Fight for Your Right
Snoogans - wrote on 12/21/15

'Suffragette' follows the path of most historical dramas. It has an accuracy to the time and place of the events shown, and sheds light on a lesser known hardship that was overcome. These women had a LOT to overcome, as it turns out. The only problem is that society at the time didn't allow them to stand up for themselves in a proper manner to where their voices would be acknowledged and discussed. They were so shunned that they had to resort to random acts of violence, even putting themselves in the face of danger, just to be seen. This is all shown, but only partially felt. The direction never had me emotionally invested. We aren't given much to these characters other than the fact that they are strong independent females fighting for a cause. The only one with much characterization is our lead and she's whittled down to the main essentials of what the plot needs. The ending lost a bit of it's punch in a tragic situation due to this. The mildly frenetic camerawork felt like a distraction, rather than the gritty 'in-the-moment' vibe I assume was intended. I did enjoy all the performances, especially Mulligan in the lead. I cared enough about her, at least, to see it though.

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