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Serenity (2005)

One Last Hoorah
Unknown - wrote on 04/27/15

I think having seen 'Firefly' beforehand did help with my viewing experience. The film does manage to stand on it's own despite a weak start. It runs through world building, character history, and general explanations in rapid delivery right from the beginning. The first half is jumbled because of this. It's hard to get a feel on the overall tone when all the scenes are short and quickly edited, jumping around to multiple locations while sounding off much exposition dialogue. It was a bit hard to follow for me, and I had the events of 'Firefly' still fresh in mind. The second half is much more smooth and very engaging. The main plot takes center focus and the characters shine in fun ways. The natural essence of what made the original show great becomes more apparent with progress. The finale was unexpected, but satifying in it's aversion to cliche. Though, it did strangely leave an open-ended feeling. It is a more acceptable end to the series, while not stamping a definite end to the exploits of the characters. Almost like a normal season finale. Fans of the show will be pleased. I recommend those interested and not familiar to see the 13 episode run of 'Firefly' first.

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