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Saving Mr. Banks

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Snoogans - wrote on 01/09/14

'Saving Mr. Banks' is a unique Disney film, in that it doesn't completely feel like a typical Disney drama. That makes it more interesting since the story involves real-life Disney filmmakers, including the man himself, in the beginning creative process of making an eventual Disney classic film. Despite that fact, this story is almost entirely about P.L. Travers. Emma Thompson is absolutely fantastic in this role. Much is learned about this woman through her dealings with Disney and the second tier story of her childhood that coincides. I particularly liked the latter part, because those scenes of her past explained so much without too much dialogue. It felt like it's own mini movie-within-the-movie. All of the sentiment was well earned and it complimented the main story very well. However, that's the place where my only problems lie. Having already been familiar with the real-life working relationship between Travers and Disney, I didn't much care for the obvious changes. I knew they were inevitable, but some moments felt predictably disingenuous and they took me out of the film.

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