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About Time

It's 'About Time' We Had a Fun Fantasy Rom-Com
Unknown - wrote on 11/14/13

'About Time' is a romantic comedy with a clever time travel premise. I bought into the premise and thought the rules of this time travel scheme were well explained. The lead, Domhnall Gleeson, is extremely likable. He's great in both the comedic and emotional scenes. McAdams is just as good. Their relationship is fun and believable. The first half of the film mostly focuses on their meeting and eventual marriage. This stretch is completely enjoyable, from the excellent humor, to the use of time travel, and the romance. The second half traverses a much more predictable dramatic route. The focus shifts to family, with much attention devoted to the 'father-son' relationship (which I did like). It's not bad, but the emotional points are easily foreseen and don't carry much of an impact. It just sort-of goes through the motions. However, the whole film does contain some great humor and fun moments. It's a 'date' movie that both sexes can equally enjoy.

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