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Spider-Man 3

Be Afraid...Be very very afraid...Of watching this
Gabe - wrote on 06/01/09

First, I must admit, I am not a fan of any of the Spider-Man films, however, this one takes the cake. I have seen bad movies, and usually I can find some sort of redeeming quality in them, but this was just awful. There was absolutely nothing good about this movie. The acting was second rate at best. I kept waiting for Tobey Maguire or Kirsten Dunst to break the fourth wall and ask, "UMM...What's my line here...Oh yea, good." And I can appreciate good visual effects, but this was ridiculous, it was way too many and way over-the-top. There was just no need for them. And what was the whole Saturday Night Feveresque montage sequence in the middle of the film about? It's Tobey Maguire walking down the street, strutting like he's '78 era John Travolta and then ends up in a club dancing on top of the bar!!! What was all of that for?! I can honestly say, if someone asks me if they should see this film, I would tell them to just stay away...far, far, away and watch anything else than this piece of crap.

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Alex - wrote on 06/01/09 at 06:40 PM CT

Spider-Man 3 Review comment

The sad thing is that I liked Spidy 3 more than 2, which I thought was boring as hell. I have not seen this since it came out in the theater. Maybe I will rent it to make it worse.

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