Zeljka's Movie Review of The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games

Good entertainment, but not brilliant.
Zeljka - wrote on 04/30/12

Ok, many reviews of The Hunger Games already, so one more won't make any difference. I've read the book, and just like with the book, I have no intention to see the other two movies and read the other two books - somehow this one sufficed and I'll satisfy myself just with reading the summaries of the other ones. Movie was good, although in some things quite different from the book (Peeta is for an example much better in the book, and I think blonde Hutcherson was a mistake - that guy is very cute and here seems so miscast; and the weird warg-like creatures in the end had more ominous origins in the book), but same as in the book, I found the premise bloody dumb (not even in ancient Rome was such a practice, actually never anywhere, just because it is plainly dumb), and the teen love triangle is to me always tiresome. Luckily in this first movie/book there was a little of it, but I do not doubt the next two books/movies would be full of it. Which I wish to avoid with all my heart. I would be quite pleased had this been just one book. I cannot fathom why not making just a few more chapters rather than making two more books, except for money making reasons.

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