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Iron Man 2

Beyond the Iron, This Movie Lacks Punch
Alex - wrote on 05/11/10

So I went into the theater knowing that I was not 100% on board with the first film being great. I liked it OK but I was not in love with it. I liked the action, I liked the acting, and I liked the suit.

So now that I have seen the first one, what can I expect from the 2nd one? I had hoped that they made the plot thicker and the action more climatic. The first one needed the killer punch, beyond just the suit.

Iron Man 2 failed on those aspects. The suits were cool again, but the story and the villain were pretty lame and very week. The action was sub par, and the cinematography was just ok. The strong points to this movie were the Avengers team members and the mystery behind them. I loved the way that Marvel is trying to tie a few pieces together to make a great movie at some point.

I didn’t like how Downey Jr. and Cheadle were pitted in a AC DC (I think it was AC DC) backed fist fight. It was way too staged for me and you could tell they made it just to try to entertain the audience. It pulled me out and didn’t add any true drama to the story.

Robert Downey is Tony Stark. He is perfect for the role and excels in it. He does a great job of acting again and has some seriously good one liners. Paltrow as Potts was OK but Scarlett was a starlet as the avengers team member. She is gorgeous to look at and Jon Favreau shows her off well. Iron Man, though, is no batman. He doesn’t have the ultimate villain, nor does he have an amazing dramatic side.

See this movie if you loved the first. It is sure to be a box office success and will satisfy comic and action fans. If you didn’t love the first, you won’t love this one (and may not even like it).

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