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Synecdoche, New York

Creative, Confusing, and Unique But That's it
Alex - wrote on 12/07/08

Charlie Kaufman is a creative genius. He brings his vast creativity to this flick much like he did in all of his other films he wrote. This time though, Kaufman is the writer and the direcotor while normally he only writes.

Hoffman and cast do an amazing job of acting in this wierd, out of control flick. This movie is not for everyone. If you are not a fan of his previous films (or even if you are) you may be disappointed. It is very good at times and highly entertaining through small parts. But the uniqueness is the sole reason why I gave it 3 stars.

The bad part is that I was bored for about a half hour (towards the end) and didn't seem to move enough. The film was not all that long so I think it could have been improved with some simple edits. The other bad thing is that I didn't really understand the film. Some was real some was not real - or maybe it was all based on fantasy. In any case I think this is where Kaufman should simply write and not direct as so many creative people like him have not been able to do both.

A good movie but definitely not for everyone. Some will put this on their top ten for the year but I don't think I will.

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Allison - wrote on 12/07/08 at 03:50 PM CT

Synecdoche, New York Review comment

It's okay that you didn't like it as much, although you did give it a pretty good rating. I am sort of surprised that it didn't get a better reception by America. Oh well. I think it is great to see unique films, as things can get boring with most standard formulaic films.

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