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The Grindhouse Style Brought to Life!
Alex - wrote on 05/30/07

I have never heard of a Grindhouse movie. I guess the concept makes sense and the idea of a late night horror movie in a crappy part of a big city sounds scary enough. With a complex idea like ?Grindhouse? I think it is important to keep in mind the experience rather than the quality of the movie. Remember, they are supposed to represent the Grindhouse.

Planet Terror: This is the better one of the two (in almost every way). Rodriguez is an action genius and he shows it. He is also very clever in how he shoots scenes and can make actors and actresses better than they are. Most of the actors in this movie are paper thin (which matters none) with the exception of Freddy Rodriguez and Rose McGowen who are very good on screen together. To Me, Freddy is a good actor and could become a great action/crime/thriller actor in due time. With choppy scenes, scrapped up reels, bad dialog, fake gore, laughs, and popping sound and music it has the feel I enjoy. I felt like I could have been at a Grindhouse film (even though I paid 6.50 and saw it on a brand new big screen in a theater full of College Students).

Its only downside may have been that there was a little bit too much cheese and bad one liners (though purposely placed, it was unnecessary).

The plot was meaningless, but I go back to Rose and Freddy who do a wonderful job on scene together, right up to the end. Even though all the other characters were thin as can be, I actually cared for these two.

Death Proof: It didn?t have any type of Grindhouse feel to it. The print was clean, the music was good, and the acting was wonderful. It felt like a Tarantino movie. That is obviously not a bad thing, but in this case, it kind of was. The story is too thin for his kind of movie and even though I did kind of care for the characters, I actually cared for the bad guy way more. Don?t get me wrong, the car chase was amazing and the concept was right on, but again, I didn?t have a Grindhouse experience.

The fake trailers, before and after we a riot (especially Machete and Thanksgiving). They looked bad, acted badly, but felt good because they made you laugh and almost made you scared (imagine watching them in a dark alley theater in NYC in the 70?s!).

It was a great experience that was an ingenious idea on behalf of both directors. I came in with huge expectations and it is a rare that I was not really let down. Although I think Tarantino missed the piece he was looking for, the overall experience was one of a kind and something I will never forget (until they do it again). It is not about the story, the plot, the acting, it is about the experience, from their own promo trailers, to the fake trailers, to the cracking and popping?it is simply style at its best! Highly recommended, but it is not for everyone.

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