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Snake Eyes (2021)

Solid action film

Okay so I'll start by saying that I was pleasently impressed by this film there is so much here to enjoy it's got amazing action scenes and thrills this is no doubt one of the best films this year I clapped i cheered I had so much fun watching this it's truly a action packed adventure for the year it's one of the best action movies in the decade I highly recommend it to almost anyone looking for a good time I just caution you and remind you the movie is pg 13 for a reason and it's a good one this movie is one word VIOLENT also some scattered profanity around here and there but I'd you're kids really wanna see it and can handle the content listed above then it's a absolute blast from start to finish the adrinoline rush doesn't stop till …

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Snake Eyes (2021) 3.5/4 2.8/4
Space Jam: A New Legacy 3.0/4 1.5/4
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