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Chrisman 27's Information

Ranking Status: TV Extra

Gender: Male

Current Area: Charlotte, NC

Home Town: Lancaster sc , SC

Education: High school

Employer: Lancaster news

Position: Paper boy - I deliver news papers

About Me: I am 27 I love movies of course and I hope my taste and reviews can help peoples choices for what to watch or not to watch

Interests: Animals cooking art friends family TV music and movies

Movie Profile

Film I Love: Pitch perfect, both films, finding dory shrek pirates of the carabiene

Film I Hate: Rango land of the lost be kind rewind

Guilty Pleasure: Adam Sandler films kids movies

Favorite Genre: Adventure

Least Favorite Genre: Documentary

Favorite Actors: Kevin James, Adam Sandler, Zooey deschanell, Chloe mortez

Least Favorite Actors: Bill maur , Nicolas Cage

Favorite Director: Happy Madison

Movie Quotes: I wanna get waisted every day .I wanna get chocolate wasted. Grown ups either she likes u or she's got ant's in her pants grownups 2

Kimmy u might have seen me in my underwear.oh me Tanner it's not anything i haven't seen before my room was right across from your window growing up. Kimmy gibbler Fuller House . have Mercy Joey & Becky Fuller House

That's French kissing I thought it was kissing during a rainbow .sometimes I bit my hair cause my condit smelled like apples.sue heck the middle

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Passengers (2016)

I went to the movie thinking it was going to be a action packed fun thrill ride and I was fully prepared for that but it was not a big action film like it looked l was a little disappointed in that but I loved the movie for what it was which was a good time and a fun ride fantastic movie just if you go be sure that you remember that it is not an action but a sifi romance but anyway I loved Jennifer Lawrence she is just a beautiful woman and her smile is very contagious she makes me smile

Recent Rating History

Movie Title Rating Overall Add
Passengers (2016) 4.0/4 2.5/4
Suicide Squad (2016) 3.5/4 2.3/4
Sing (2016) 3.5/4 2.7/4
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 3.5/4 3.1/4
The Secret Life of Pets 3.5/4 2.7/4
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