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samwise ganja's Information

Ranking Status: Producer

Name: Ryan Bishop

Gender: Male

Education: associates degree in fine arts

Position: Boss man - groom mother nature as best I can

About Me: artist, musician, horticulturist. thirtysomething.

Interests: Meditation, Astral projection, Cheeseburgers, Funyuns, Onomatomania, Jim Henson, Gumby, Christopher Walken, Theology, Sociology, Mythology, Black Body Radiation, Avante Garde, Kaleidoscopes, German Girls, Happenings, Procrastinating, Pterodactyls, black coffe, Tye dye, Key lime pie, Gyros, Guinness, Vinyl, Poster art

Movie Profile

Film I Love: holy moutain, pulp fiction, most documentaries

Film I Hate: coyote ugly, chasing amy, free willy, holes

Guilty Pleasure: pointbreak, scanners, home alone

Favorite Genre: Documentary

Least Favorite Genre: Sport

Favorite Actors: crispin glover, willem dafoe, kyle maclachlan, dennis hopper

Least Favorite Actors: keanu reeves , will smith, shia labeouf, renee zellweger

Favorite Director: alfred hitchcock

Least Favorite Director: diablo cody

Movie Quotes: "The scnozberries taste like schnozberries." "The whole world's wild at heart and weird on top" "What ain't no country I ever heard of. Do they speak English in what?" "The horror. The horror"

"I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm just gonna bash your brains in." "Okay guys, one more thing, this summer when you're being inundated with all this American bicentennial Fourth Of July brouhaha, don't forget what you're celebrating, and that's the fact that

Recent Rating History

Movie Title Rating Overall Add
The Little Mermaid (1989) 2.5/4 3.0/4
Toy Story 2 2.5/4 3.1/4
Aladdin (1992) 2.5/4 3.1/4
London Has Fallen 2.5/4 2.3/4
Pee-wee's Big Holiday 3.0/4 2.8/4

Top Movie List

# Movie Title Rating Overall Add
1. Berberian Sound Studio N/A 2.8/4
2. X-Men: First Class 2.5/4 3.1/4
3. Into the Abyss N/A 3.0/4
4. Good Will Hunting N/A 3.2/4
5. The Grand Budapest Hotel N/A 3.3/4
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