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Will B.
Will B.

Will B. - wrote on 2021-08-30 15:11

I thought the purpose of a remake was to improve upon the original. This movie began okay, but went on to become totally ridiculous. In no way was it better than the first one, and that one wasn't any award winner. I'm mad as (you-know-what) that I wasted both my time and my money on it. DC just does not seem to get it like Marvel does with these types of Movies. Shazam, Birds of Prey-Emancipation of Harley Quinn, and The Justice League, all sucked! It's a crying shame because, as a boy that was an avid comic book reader, DC was my preference over Marvel. I just can't believe what a terrible job they do with their movies.

Logan D. McCoy
Logan D. McCoy
Movie God

Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 2021-08-12 17:44

My video review of "The Suicide Squad" by James Gunn.

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