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Unknown - wrote on 2010-02-01 00:33

I loved the movie mostly for its originality.  I didn't sit there and think about all the hidden meanings behind everything and try to analyze it just cause I was told it was deep and complex, like most movies of this type. Instead of that, I just watched the damn thing and what I found was something that entertained me in a way I've never witnessed before and it struck a chord with me in some indescribable way.  Most films of this caliber, that I say I "love", just have a hold on me that others don't.

The Scripted
The Scripted
Movie Star

The Scripted - wrote on 2009-03-12 16:46

I recently came across a page of glowing reviews about this particular film and I nearly threw up. 4 stars here, and 4 stars there when this film is clearly flawed and you are subliminally being made to love it. Don't get me wrong, I loved Alex's character and Malcolm McDowell is as brilliant as they come in this flick, but there was too much unnecessary dialogue, it ran for far too long, and as Stanley Kubrik (who I absolutely adore) tries to convey that society is terrible and have created monsters out of Alex and his Droogs....it seems quite clear to me that Alex and his crew are what is terrible with society. The movie is not the worst I've ever seen and it has its moments. Not to mention the absolutely beautiful cinematography, but to even be considered one ot the best movies ever made really makes me laugh. Thoughts?

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