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Overall Rank: 17209

Average Rating: 2.2/4

# of Ratings: 29

Theatrical Release Date: 11/21/2021

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: 02/15/2022

Language: English

Genre: Action, Adventure

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Chloé Zhao

Actors: Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, Kit Harington, Brian Tyree Henry

Plot: An ancient and powerful race of aliens have been secretly hiding out on Earth since shaping the destiny of mankind centuries ago. But when their age-old enemies, the Deviants, arrive on Earth, they will make their return to ensure the future of humanity. -- Chris Kavan

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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 01/21/2022

How strange it is that after the epically proportioned "Endgame" Marvel would produce a movie with so many heroes and not be able to successfully handle them all. "Eternals" is more ambitious and mature than a majority of MCU offerings, but it struggles to develop connections with its characters and waters down its inspired philosophies on peace and humanity.

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 12/30/2021

For a movie that's over 2 hours long, by the end of it, I didn't feel attach or interested in these characters and I couldn't remember some of the characters powers. While I admire Marvel for trying something a little different with the Marvel movies, but this was sadly a misstep, which I hope it doesn't stop the people at Marvel from taking different approaches in the future.

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What a Joke

Terry - wrote on 10/26/2023

The Eternals are here! Oh that's rank! Really, they suddenly show up and Sersi gives a bullshit reason as to why they didn't stop Thanos. "We are only allowed to get involved when Deviants are messing up stuff." That didn't stop Druig from doing whatever he wanted. That didn't stop Phastos from making technology for humans. The Eternals didn't even just get involved in stopping The Deviants. They literally helped them farm and made them contraptions. Oh, looks like you are getting involved in human affairs even though it doesn't help you ward off Deviants. Like, how does farming help stop Deviants? A big wall around the city makes sense, but farming sure as heck looks they are just helping humans by doijg more than just getting involved when Deviants are involved. Somehow Sersi finds it …

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It can't help but feel like an eternity

Indyfreak - wrote on 04/22/2022

Chloe Zhao's ambitious entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe shows that she has an eye for big budget spectacle and action scenes. But the movie is too long for its own good and yet it feels like it short-changes a lot of the cast.
Angelina Jolie is in this movie and she's perhaps the least interesting of the Eternals. Gemma Chan is the lead protagonist and while Chan is a good actress, her character is not that compelling. A lot of the Eternals who are relegated to supporting roles are far more fun to watch like Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, and Barry Keoghan. Richard Madden plays the powerful Eternal named Ikaris and there's a twist with his character that does make things more suspenseful near the ending.
It is clear that Zhao is grappling big ideas in the script which spans …

Chris Kavan
Chris Kavan
Movie God

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Eternals Assemble!

Chris Kavan - wrote on 11/20/2021

Going into Eternals, the only thing most people were talking about was how this was the first "Rotten" MCU film and how audiences were likewise a bit letdown. And while the film isn't at the top of my favorite MCU film, it is also far from the worst. With a knock-out cast and a look into the history of mankind, this is a sprawling epic that, yes, is a bit heavy on the talking and explanation of things - but is also full of plenty of action, humor and emotional baggage. Director Chloé Zhao also gives this a more personal touch as the film goes a bit deeper than a typical hero film does.

Eternals, as the titles suggests, follows a group of nigh-immortal cosmic beings. They are sent far and wide to planets across the galaxy to cultivate life while also defending that life …

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