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Overall Rank: 10847

Average Rating: 2.3/4

# of Ratings: 63

Theatrical Release Date: 05/29/2015

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: 10/13/2015

Language: English

Genre: Action, Thriller

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Brad Peyton

Actors: Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, Carla Gugino, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, Ioan Gruffudd, Paul Giamatti

Plot: When a massive earthquake rocks California, a rescue chopper pilot will stop at nothing to find and save his estranged daughter. -- Chris Kavan

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SIngli6 - wrote on 05/28/2016

I think I may have written the script for San Andreas. Can't remember doing so, but somehow all the lines and plot developments came to me before they even happened. Spooky.

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Indyfreak - wrote on 01/19/2016

Standard disaster movie with admittedly impressive visual effects. The cast is a good line up but they really don't do much aside from reacting to what's falling apart around them or just waiting for Dwayne Johnson to rescue them.

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 11/04/2015

Typical disaster movie with better characters overall including, gasp, a pair of strong, female leads! Dwayne Johnson is pretty much in his element as the hero who saves the day, but it's really Alexandra Daddario who shines as the daughter who needs rescue... even as she uses her knowledge to pretty much save herself. Do you like widespread destruction? Do you like jerks getting their comeuppance? Do you like scientifically impossible tsunamis? Well have some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy!

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The whole story didn't shake me up.

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 09/04/2015

"The Earth will literally crack and you will feel it on the East Coast."

What expectations do you have when you're going to see a disaster movie such as "San Andreas" ? Obviously you're looking forward to see how a metropolis like San Francisco is reduced to an immense mess, strewn with rubble and twisted steel. Immense skyscrapers collapsing like a house of cards and tumbling down one after the other like domino's with lots of noise and accompanied by bombastic, swelling and ominous music. A crowd fleeing in panic. People being crushed and pulverized, thrown off buildings and bridges and the number of victims rising steadily. And all this developed in a perfect, crisp and digital way. Preferably in 3D so that you get the feeling as if everything is crashing down right in front of …

Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
Movie God

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Enjoyable popcorn flick

Matthew Brady - wrote on 05/30/2015

San Andreas is today's vision of The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact and 2012 but a lot more fun.

The story San Andreas is about a massive earthquake rocks California, a rescue chopper pilot will stop at nothing to find and save his estranged daughter.

So I just San Andreas and I had a lot of fun watching it, it's not a amazing movie if I'm looking at it closely and yes the movie dose have it's flaws, but really what was I expecting from this movie? well I was expecting Dwayne Johnson character saying really cheesy one liners that are bad but funny. Big CGI environment, dramatic music from every disaster movie out in the 90's and everyone being dead serious. And I got some of that but not that the cheesy one liners which I'm glad it's not in the movie.

Who every says that Dwayne …

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