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Overall Rank: 5103

Average Rating: 2.6/4

# of Ratings: 67

Theatrical Release Date: 08/14/1987

Language: English

Genre: Comedy, Drama

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Steve Rash

Actors: Patrick Dempsey, Amanda Peterson, Courtney Gains, Seth Green, Tina Caspary, Sharon Farrell

Plot: Ronald Miller is the typical high school nerd. He has a crush on Cindy, the beautiful, popular cheerleader. But she doesn't even know he exists. Unexpectedly, Cindy finds herself in a precarious situation and surprisingly finds Ronald there to bail her out in a deal that will make Ronald popular beyond his wildest dreams. -- serioussir

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sapien - wrote on 03/22/2010

This movie always reminds me of the '80s. It's your typical '80s movie.

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serioussir - wrote on 05/09/2008

Loved this show. Dempsey makes the whole show with his great performance as the nerd who buys his way into popularity. He's lovable, quirky and unintentionally funny. Seth Green is fantastic as the annoying little brother Chucky. A great little romantic comedy.

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Franz Patrick
Franz Patrick
Movie God

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A Bit Shallow But Bearable

Franz Patrick - wrote on 05/23/2008

The title is kind of misleading because the overall message that I got was one CAN buy love. But maybe that's just me. I have this love-hate relationship with 80's flicks because most of them are about popularity and somehow the character(s) will manage to evolve into a deeper thinking person in a span of about a year (with usually involves a prom scene). But the thing is, this is one of the better ones solely because of Patrick Dempsey. It's so weird seeing him so young, skinny, and nerdy because he's considered nowadays as a "hunk." Even though the main character is charismatic in a dorky way, he is extremely flawed which makes him seem more real. But I'm afraid there were more than a handful of scenes where such flaws made him somewhat unlikeable and even annoying. Dempsey could have …

Aspiring Actor

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Decent sappy crappy 80s nerd/popularity contest

Ewee - wrote on 12/18/2007

This movie is basically about a young nerdy boy who just wants to fit in with the "cools" or the cool clique whatever you want to call it. He knew that he never would be able to do so ... so he offered to buy a really expensive coat for this "hottie" if she agreed to be dating him for a month (not sure how long exactly, but I think that's it) ... anyways as the story goes ... he becomes popular, gives up on his old friends, then the cools find out the truth, and they quit hanging out with him and he has no friends at all. I must say that I really felt for this dude, cause I sucked at being popular in high school and I wanted a hot girlfriend as well ... thus if you are a dude with a heart you would understand this movie ... and it's good to show to the ladies as well sometimes to show …

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