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Overall Rank: 8390

Average Rating: 2.4/4

# of Ratings: 151

Theatrical Release Date: 05/30/2008

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: 09/23/2008

Language: English

Genre: Comedy, Romance

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Michael Patrick King

Actors: Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Noth, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Jason Lewis

Plot: The motion picture based on the TV series of the same name. This flick chronicles the life of the four women years later, after the series had ended. Is Carrie married, has Samantha settled down? Have the other two maintained their calm? Sex and the City is sure to contain comedy, romance and of course lots of drama.

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 08/17/2014

This is like a horror movie for men.

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Ivana - wrote on 06/22/2013

Funny, romantic and drama movie. Easy to watch because of plot, full of colours, glamour, beautiful landscapes and music.

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Krista Skene - wrote on 09/26/2011

I was really excited about this movie and wasn't let down. It has the fashion, the great conversations, and lots of drama. I will admit that this is one of my go to movies. If I don't know what I want to watch I put this one on. Also I tend to fast forward to where they are in Mexico and watch the last half. File this under "Weird movie watching habits". Any Sex and the City fan must watch this but it is a great Romantic Comedy as well.

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Franz Patrick
Franz Patrick
Movie God

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One of the Best Summer 2008 Has to Offer

Franz Patrick - wrote on 08/04/2008

I only watched the early seasons but that didn’t prevent me from thoroughly enjoying this movie. I’m glad that it had some sort of an introduction to familiarize those that haven’t seen a single episode or people like me that didn’t see it until the end. Even though this is about two and a half hours long, it barely felt like two hours because it was full of ups and downs, interesting characters, fantastic fashion, and beautiful people. Each main actress–Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon–had something special to offer so I was glad that the film featured each of them at one point or another. I love that there is no perfect, cookie-cutter character because perfection is not what “Sex and the City” is about. It’s about problems: how …


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I love "Sex"!!!

kcvidkid - wrote on 06/03/2008

As one of the characters in "Sex & the City" says, forgetting all rational or logical thought, and giving in to emotion, I absolutely loved this movie!

After a jarring beginning that attempts to catch up non-viewers of the popular HBO sitcom, as well as refresh fans' memories, the "Sex & the City" shoe slipped on all too comfortably. I had forgotten how much I loved Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, and how much I missed their adventures when their show was at its best.

Anyone who knows me also knows that any movie that makes me cry, especially at this age and with all the Paxil that has accumulated in my veins, is practically flawless in my book. I was weepy throughout the whole damn thing! First, I was just happy to see all the characters again. Then, I was put through …

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Hello Lover!

SarahG0327 - wrote on 06/02/2008

This was an amazing movie in many different ways... It flowed with the show perfectly and it was presented in a way so that even if you haven't seen the show before you can still get into the plot and the characters. The story flowed well and was very witty and smart. While I'm not a huge Sarah Jessica Parker fan she and the rest of the cast were very believable as their characters and made you care about them and their relationships which only enhanced the entire experience. A major plus... the movie is boy friendly. Whie it is very obviously femail powered, the humor, intense sex scences and plot make it bearable for any man to see. I dragged my boyfriend to the show and he actually ended up liking it in the end. I highly suggest this film for everyone! It's going to prove to be a …

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