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Matthew Brady - wrote on 01/03/2014

You can see that they have stop trying in this movie because the movie is not funny or original.

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Alaine - wrote on 12/13/2011


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dukeakasmudge - wrote on 09/23/2011

I didnt think the Scary Movies could be funny without The Wayans directing it but I was wrong

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Unknown - wrote on 08/05/2009

Not any worse than number 3. It too has it's moments of hilarity and it's moments of non funny.

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Tia Maria - wrote on 06/30/2008

So this movie started good. It was funny with Shaquille Oneal and Dr. Phil, but then the rest of it went downhill when they introduced politics (I hate even the mention of politics, soooo boring!), and the weird aliens. Great for some cheap laughs, but other than that, don't bother.

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 01/02/2008

Pretty much exactly like Scary Movie 3 except it spoofs different horror movies (and for some reason Brokeback Mountain). Still goes for the slapstick / visual gag route. The opening with Dr. Phil and Shaq is pretty good, though.

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